I came to know about a person named PRAVEEN RANA or PRAVEEN KP-Chairman of Safe and Strong. I am impressed with his wisdom that he is providing through his mission Life Doctor. I don’t have his birth details. Let us just analyse his name and this will be useful for numerology lovers.

Talent + Destiny = Ultimate
These are the three numbers which form the triangle of life.

Since date of birth can never be changed the Talent number is the most dependable and important number.
Our soul has to come to earth in this body in this life time as a part of the larger cosmic plan.We have lived on planets like earth for many many life times learning a new experience every time till the soul has achieved perfection and is liberated from falsehood.

Talent number gives the experience you have to undergo in this life time and it is a major lesson to be learnt in the frame of opportunities provided by the Destiny number.

The final attainment is given by the Ultimate number towards which all numbers are consciously or subconsciously approaching. Try to make this equation as beautiful as possible.

In the above person name, we are considering only his name available. Actually I don’t know whether the exact name is PRAVEEN RANA or PRAVEEN KP.But as a well wisher I suggest him PRAVEEN KP is best suited. Let us analyse both names
I am greatly indebted to the loving Master Pythagoras before i giving this analysis.

The Name PRAVEEN RANA totals to 7 Destiny Number. ( This number will give the native Love and Respect to him for the knowledge attained by him and will be known as a educator .But this number can create problems with personal love/happiness etc in future)

The Name PRAVEEN KP totals to 9 Destiny Number ( This number will give the native more popularity in charitable/humanitarian  works and also in acting. Compassion,generosity and understanding the needs of others will make him very popular )

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