Namashivaya Vs Allahoakabar


Mantras Numerological Analysis PART 1

Let us see how numerologically the mantras are going to capture positive energies. There is a slight difference between Mantra and Sloka. Mantras have words and letters /beejaksharas and A word with out vowel will not be considered as a letter in Mantra. That means for example, the word Namah, it is one word but two letters NA & MAH

In analysising any Mantra, three factors to be considered.

  1. No of Words in Mantra ( it represents Source where energies will be drawn)
  2. No of letters in  Mantra( it represents Destination-areas of life where these energies are being utilized )
  1. Devatha Sthana ( House where the Mantra Diety or God is sitting and doing the diversion of energy from one house to another)


Mantras Need not to be in Sanskrit. For example NAMASHIVAYA and ALLAHOAKBAR is same . Only the Diety sitting in devasthanam is different



  1. No of Words = 1 (Source)
  2. No of Letters= AL LA HO AK BAR = 5 letters ( Destination)
  3. Devasthanam =B+(B-A) =5+(5-1)=9 th house ( Dharma Sthanam)


  1. No of Words =1 ( Source)
  2. No of Letters = NA MA SHI VA YA =5 letters ( Destination)
  3. Devasthanam =B+(B-A) =5+(5-1)=9th house ( Dharma Sthanam)

It is clear both the above mantras are 1:5:9 Mantra

In Both the mantras the respective deities are sitting in same house ( 9th house of dharma) and guiding you as a teacher what ever is within you to manifest. Both mantras are thus boosting the luck of the native who recites this mantra.

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