If  you  are  born  on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st -your birth number is 4. Don’t shy away from it.

Number 4 represents RAHU

Number 4 is eccentric.

You can excel in different jobs such as medicine, judiciary, politics, resort-hotel business, arts, teaching, astrology, publishing business etc

We suggest 4 points to bear in mind if you are No 4 people. This is for your personal growth.

  1. Usually number 4 will be harsh in speech. So please use sweet words or control your tongue
  2. Number 4 person can have carving for food. So you may redirect that energy – as carving for knowledge or wisdom. Choice is yours. Excess foods may grant you chronic diseases and premature death. Many No 4 people can get heart attacks, during Rahu period or at ages 40,49, 58, 67, 76 etc. These ages you should be careful for your health related changes.
  3. You will never have an appreciating heart. So you will not admire others.
  4. You will fall in love with Number 1 person. But if you want the girl/boy to follow you then go for Number 8 Girl.  Usually Number 4 will be extravagant. If you want that to be controlled for your finacial progress, then go for Number 6 Girl.
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