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Lunar  Conception Moment or Lunar Phase return is the day which your transit Moon comes in same phase/angle as it was at the time of your birth. This moment is considered to be very fertile.

For example, in your birth chart, suppose Moon is 20 degree Sagittarius ( 260 degree), and Sun is 28 degree Pisces( 358 degrees), the angle between Sun and Moon is 282 degrees.

If you calculate angle as 98 degrees, you are wrong!

Count degrees from Sun to Moon.

Now you got the Moon Phase as 282 degree.

Look at each month when moon phase is exactly 282 degree, which happens to be around 9 days after new moon.

And you should be fertile in this period even if your current menstrual cycle is not in fertile period.


Moon plays a very important role in Menstruation cycle as well as in fertility. When ever Moon comes in the same zodiac as it stood at the time of birth, the fertility of the woman will be high during that time.

For example, if your Moon Sign at Birth is Sagittarius, when ever moon comes in Sagittarius, the fertility will be high for you during that moment.

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