This Blog Post is based upon my second experience in marketing. I recently attended an interview of a Retail Giant in Kerala, India for the Post of Marketing. Prior to the interview I shared my live video profile to HR . And my interview date and time was fixed via Email. There was a large number of candidates for the interview. Actually my turn was about 10 or 11th. But seeing me, after few minutes, the CEO directly came out from his cabin and invited me to his large room – I guess it’s a conference room -where Two HR Heads conducting the interview- on the two sides of the CEO chair.  He told me, Umesh,, actually HR is interviewing for Manager posts. I directly called you because, we liked your Video , English language conversation and marketing skills are excellent. Would you mind working with us in our own organisation as our GM ? We will provide you Car and good salary. What is my expectations??? I was stunned.
At the moment I cannot work fully for a Single Company because I work for number of companies in India and abroad and so I was not able to accept their offer. But I got a good CEO as my friend. And it was for India sales . Actually I like Global Marketing for  which I am currently in to in.

The similar incident also happened some months ago , and so this is my second experience. So I thought to break the ice on Marketing Vs Selling and here it goes…

Most of the people interchangeably use the words MARKETING and SELLING. But simply put, this is not having the same meaning. They are noninterchangable

Marketing is how you project yourself to the customers, how much influence and personality you have determines your success in Marketing. You should consider yourself as No 1 Product in the World and Creation of Customer for the Product is Marketing.

Marketing is Swayed by Maya . “Don’t judge book by its cover” should not be applied in Marketing. The Narrative World is swayed by Maya or Illusion. So outer trappings matter more than the inner truth. A Book’s cover Matters . Illusions of the World about a Native (Marketing Manager) and illusions of the Native ( MM) about the World and himself is also Marketing . Lord Krishna is Ultimate Marketer.

         How you project yourself to the outer world is your bed of roses, if you ever want not to be denied in Marketing.

People buy People First, then they Buy from the people, and lastly they buy from the Company.

Selling is like Cooking a Dish. In order to get a delicious dish, you have to have the right ingredients, right marketing. You cannot sell a product without Marketing, Selling is Part of Marketing. Selling is only exchange of goods to the consumers

Marketing is a brand awareness.

Selling is connected to converting the potential customers to actual customers.

The shame is that most of the organisations will overlook the importance of marketing and will push the mangers for push begging. Nobody will buy from you except may be out of pity.

What ever you see in the Universe exist only in subjective in nature. The actual reality can never be perceived directly. The reality we perceive is only subjective.

You have never actually seen your body ( except in mirror-a reflection). You are just an observer.

Marketing is the business process by which value is created, transmitted and exchanged. Since value is dependent on a measuring scale, marketing is ultimately all about spinning the web of Maya.

Value is Perception.

And there is no universal measuring scale. Since measuring scale does not exist in nature,

Measurement is an artificial concept created by Man in order to organize and structure the world around.

Om Namo Bhagavathe vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam* Namo Namo Guru Swami Vivekananda* Om Krito smara Kritam Smara krito Smara kritam Smara

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