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Vitamin E  is  a fat  soluble  vitamin  .  It  is  an  excellent natural body anti-oxidant   meaning  it  prevents damage by oxidation. This vitamin is very important antioxidant because it is soluble in fat and most of the significant free radical damage is to the membranes of the cells and LDLs(low density lipoproteins) and these are made up of fat molecules.

Alpha  Tocopherol  is  a  form  of  Vitamin E  found  in  most  cells  of  the  body.

Vitamin E  plays  an  important  role  in  preventing  heart  disease  since  it  makes  it  possible  for  the  cardiac  muscle  to  function  with  less oxygen.  Vitamin E  is   a mild  blood  thinner –  causes  dilation  of  blood  vessels  permitting  fuller  flow  of  blood  to  the  heart and  thereby  improving  circulation.  Vitamin E  is  therefore  very  helpful  in  the  functioning  of  the  reproductive  organs  both  male  and female.It is also an anti-sterility vitamin.In males, it  improves  blood flow  to  the genital  organs  and  in  females it  boosts  female  sex  hormone  Estrogen.  Thus  it  helps  menopausal  symptoms.  Menopause is not a sexual  dysfunction, but  the  normal  cessation of  the  female  menstrual  cycle. But  after  menopause women  may  experience  body  changes  that  might  cause  HSDD ( Hypoactive  Sexual Desire Disorder). Vitamin E  is  used for treatment  for “ hot flashes” and headaches during  menopause.  Applied  as an ointment  vitamin E aids  in healing  burns and skin ulcers  and  dissolves  scar tissue.

Foods  High  in  Vitamin  E

Wheat germ, Spinach, Sunflower seeds, flax seed, Mango, Peanuts, Almonds, Sunflower oil, Corn oil etc.,  Heat may  destroy Vitamin E in foods, so  eat  foods raw.

Pluto, Venus and Mars:

In  Medical  Astrology  planet  Pluto  rules  reproductive and excretory organs and thus  Pluto  is  related  to Vitamin E  ( in Western school of thought). In eastern -Vedic thought, planet Mars and Venus are connected to reproductive and excretory organs. If any of these planets are under  stress, such  native is bound to have vitamin E deficiency , reasons may be whatever. Such persons should include lot of vitamin E rich foods  in diet. But  if  you are taking Vitamin E  tablets, its dosage should be fixed by your  doctor, as excess of Vitamin E can impair iron  metabolism. Vitamin E  is   a Fat Soluble Vitamin  meaning it get dissolves in  your  fat and stored and  so  excess intake  can be  damaging  and  toxic.

Gem Therapy:

Pearl  is  Pluto  gem.   Pearls  are  used  to  increase  Fertility.


Magenta or Red-Violet  color  is  associated with  Pluto.  It  is an important  color  for  all  heat  disorders. It  energizes  heart and  stimulates  circulatory  system and higher  sexual  energy.


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