Vegetarian Vs Non Vegetarian

Vegetarian Vs Non Vegetarian


Are you a Vegetarain or Non Vegetraian???. Confused… which is better ? A lot of people take immense pride in being vegetarians. But it a personal choice. However I am a vegetarian by birth and by choice. The idea behind vegetarianism is that of Non-Violence ( Ahimsa) or Compassion towards all. So when you order Veg pizza with pepsi, jalebi, rasagulla and icecreams, is there no himsa ( violence ) there ? . You are killing your own stomach. Too much of food is a form of cruelty too. You are doing violence to your own organs. You have no right to do violence towards your organs. The organs such as stomach, Heart, lungs Brain, Kidney etc are your involuntary organs. They are serving you and you have no right to harm them. So if we continue to load our stomach then all benefits of vegetarianism are lost. So Ahimsa should first start from being compassionate towards yourself. Not reserved only for not killing animals. Of course animals and birds are our brothers and sisters. We should not violence to them. Same way, we should not do violence to our organs. They are also independent. We have no right to harm them.

So Vegetarians need to understand that being a vegetarian is about practicing non violence and compassion towards all, including yourself ( your organs). Vegetarian or Non vegetarian is your personal choice, but be kind to yourself and eat only little at one time. Remember the golden rule, just fill half your stomach at one time. With this you will be practicing Ahimsa( Non Violence) even while consuming Non Veg food.

Being Vegetarian you may lack protein from food. So you should eat Kidney beans, soyabeans, nuts, bazilnut and grains etc to ensure you get sufficient amount of protein from food.

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