Warning : Sitting can be injurious to health. It is more dangerous than smoking,kills more people than HIV!!  Our bodies are not designed for chairs.

But sitting less can be a challenge-especially if you have a desk job or a student or a study researcher.

The best way to overcome sitting disease is to sit on the floor instead of chair when you are in home or eating . So remove the chair from your study room and or kitchen and sit on the floor while you study or eat. When you are sitting on the floor , you are automatically doing yoga. In short you are doing two things at the same time. Studying and practicing yoga or Eating and practicing yoga.

When you sit on the floor and eat, the pattern of blood flow will be direct to your digestive system. One of the important elements of digestion is proper blood circulation. When you sit on chair, blood goes directly to your legs making the digestive system to function less.

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This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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