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The precautions are scientifically based and involves minimum expenditure.

You know, the Heart and Eyes are Romantically connected. You must have experienced Love at First Sight ! Great. But eyes and Heart are also linked in a less romantic way through High Blood Pressure.


One should not take much Salt to invoke Sun God’s disfavor.

Salt is governed by Saturn

Sun and Saturn are deadly enemies.

Saturn  represents blockages

Sun  represents our Heart, Eyes etc as per vedic astrology.


Eating too much Salt will make Sun unfavourble in your Kundali. Also it increases your Blood Pressure. Apart from Heart and Kidney problems,the High Blood pressure can damage the vessels supplying blood to the retina( the area at the back of the eye where image focus). This  disease is called Hypertensive Retinopathy. High blood pressure can also block the blood flow to the optic nerve( which carries visual signal to the brain). This causes swelling of optic nerve and leads to permanent loss of vision.


So one should avoid eating more salt to protect one’s eyes as well as control blood pressure. This is  a best remedy when ever you have sun in bad positions in your horoscope/Kundali.




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