Do you love your skin very much ??? The largest organ (external organ) in human body is SKIN.( Largest internal organ is Liver!). 97% of your skin is covered by cloths. Balance 3 % is uncovered on your face. Did you ever notice that the skin on your behind has no wrinkles? This is because it is fully covered . Thanks to your clothes. But you cannot cover your face. It is always exposed ( photoaging).


In astrological perspective, two planets viz Venus and Mercury are controllers of beauty. Venus gives you body shape, and beauty while Mercury gives you eloquence, very good verbal and non verbal communication (body language) and attractive personality. If Venus is very powerful in a horoscope, he/she will be extremely beautiful. If Mercury is very powerful in a horoscope, he /she will be very attractive in communication and body language.(non verbal communication..for instance the way you talk and interact with others etc). So who is important… Venus or Mercury. ?? I like both. But it is a personal choice. Some people see beauty only in his/her looks .But it is matter of personal interest. I am not going to make any argument on this matter.  But if power of planet Mercury is weak in your horoscope, then he/she is likely to get skin diseases time to time. In Medical astrology Skin is governed  by planet Mercury.

Please excuse ,when I  say astrology, you may ask me, is it a Medical Science too. Yes, coming to the answer, let me enlighten  you ,we have Gravitational energy, Electromagnetic energy, Nuclear force ( ie the force which binds our subatomic particles in our body) We have 7000000000 000000000 000000000 Atoms–in our body . Surprised…yes 7 Octillion Atoms on an adult human body.And it is equating to 1505 Mega Tons of Force ! ( 6.30×10^18 J). –That means 10 Times more energy than a Hydrogen Bomb.  This is the energy stronger than  gravitational energy. It is 10^36 times stronger than Gravitational energy. That means energy with us ( nuclear force) is the strongest energy. But we are not to the size of nucleus that why we are not feeling its energy.But it remains with in us. Samilar is the kind of energy of planets with in us. Hope your understanding.


Coming to the chemical body in Medical science only ATP matters .ATP  is Energy Currency  ( Adenosine Triphospahate). It is like a battery with in cells.Evey cell uses ATP for energy. But it is on chemical point of view. We are thinking our body as a chemical body in Medical science. Medical science can explain what is Brain. Mind or consciousness plays no role. We need to follow all sciences for better life of humanity. We have atomic body too. Here plays the role of quantum dynamics and astrology. This article is not covering that topic, so I will discuss about it in my next article.

Now coming to the Gravity… Because you know gravity is working against us and pulling everything down. Even at this moment our cheeks are going down. So health care on skin matters a lot.

Are you planning to hit the beauty salons to get glowing and flawless skin? If yes, then banish those thoughts of spending hefty bucks in the parlours .

ESR Test : ( The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate). This is not a costly test. In India, it cost only less then INR 100( I guess).  You should have a normal ESR level  so that it shows you have no inflammation. If ESR rate is not normal range, this could be one of your major cause of skin beauty issues. Dermatologist rarely commend this test, but in my experience this test is worth than going to a beauty parlour . If ESR is not normal, you have some inflammation and your doctor get a better idea about your skin problems if any.


LITMUS PAPER Test: The skin pH is 5.5 . Always use soap, shampoos that have skin pH 5.5 ( check labels) . If you have skin pH 5.5 your skin will  look flawless, supple and soft. If you have always itchy skin etc, then it means your skin pH is not 5.5. You can test skin pH using LITMUS PAPER.  The cost of litmas paper in India is around 150 INR ( I guess). You can choose saliva or urine for testing. If you need any clarifications for conducting this test, please email me, I will explain how to conduct this test in your home. Very simple .   If  pH variation is there, you can consult your doctor immediately.


If your ESR and Skin pH is ok…you are on safe side …( basic skin beauty test)


1)You need a face massage every day by your own hands. You should use 1 drop of Oil ( not more). You might think oil is bad for oily face or acne etc. In reality, Like dissolves Like. You are fighting oil with oil. You need good oil to get rid of bad oil ( excess sebum in oily skin). Not only that, as you know oil is fat loving ( lipophilic). That means it will pass through lipid layer of the skin faster. This gives your skin hydrated. But don’t use much oil. Only one drop or maximum 2 drops . The oil should be EXTRA VIRGIN OIL. I prefer Olive oil. ( EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL). Check labels. Don’t purchase Pure Olive oil for skin application.It is best to choose only Extra Virgin Olive oil for your face..

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E too. Your body doesnot manufacture this vitamin. Now You may think “ well I have purchased this beauty cream and it said to include vitamin E, so why should I use Olive Oil? “ The answer is that many beauty products have artificially created vitamin E instead of Natural. The natural form  is actually made up of 8 different compounds whereas artificial has only one.

Some beauty products will have real olive oil but it will be very expensive.


2) Don’t go fat free. This will give you dull look. For girls there is a herb “ Saw Palmetto”. This is good for girls for beauty /body shape. But boys should not to use this herb, because it can give breast stimulation for boys( also girls). This  is acceptable for girls. ( I guess). That is why I recommend this herb only for girls.

3)Take Omega 3 fish oil supplement daily.

4) Go for antioxidant drinks such as Green Tea ( Minimum 5 cups). Always have it along with food. And never take it along with snacks. Because benefit you get in one end, you are losing through other end. Hope you understand.

Follow the above tips and go to saloon for more beauty tips.

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This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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