If you are diabetic, diet control is one thing you often hear from medical doctors. But “control” is a restrictive practice. It is painful.You need freedom. You want to be free. Instead of control you can “ give up” the desire of Annamaya Moha ( Craving for food). Give up is not restriction, it means ,you need nor want nothing.

Food is the first desire of human being. That’s why it represents 2nd house in Horoscope. 2nd house is the first house of Vyakta house category (manifested house) in any horoscope. If you give up Annamaya Moha ( Craving for food) and do fasting or take only 1 or 2 meals a day, your progesterone reduces. Oxytocin increases. Oxytocin has direct influence on insulin. Higher the surge of Oxytocin in your  body, greater is your insulin sensitivity and better is the regulation of blood sugar control. Oxytocin will down regulates HPA axis , reduces cortisol levels, so you will become stress free , and it also reduces appetite. This is further helpful for fasting or 1 or 2 meals a day strategy.

In hormonal hierarchy oxytocin is at the top of the hierarchy so without directly controlling insulin resistance, if you can go one step ahead, and try to increase oxytocin, it will positively influence insulin sensitivity.

Love, sex, continuous hugs with human or pets may increase oxytocin but not as much as we get from fasting or deep meditation with focused concentration in Nirvana.

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