You can love without sacrifice. But you cannot sacrifice without loving. The same is true for mind. You cannot have a strong self realised mind with out sacrificing in some luxurious sort.  The planet Moon depicts mind. But do you know, where it is exalted?. While in exaltation it is doing a sacrifice.It is exalted in the sign of Venus ( luxurious surrounding) viz 3 degree Taurus which is the Krittika Nakshatra- whose lord is Sun. Sun is Atma( Self). Moon is Mind. So when Mind has realised the soul, whatever luxurious surrounding is given, it doesn’t care it. It need nor want nothing.Your Mind will be strong with focused concentration. It is an instrument to your self realisation. It is like eating ice-cream in the winter -it can actually keep you warm. This is a good silver lining in the horoscope. The native will be affluent and eloquent. Also will be beautiful (moon is feminine) and with no enemies. We find in astrology that the moon is enemy to none of the planets. That gives her the status of mother,

To live in Manifested world /samsara, we need very strong mind.  Moon is strong in 2nd house in a horoscope irrespective of the sign it occupies. 2nd house being the first house of manifested region of horoscope. Although every planet is transiting in nakshatras, the nakshatra in which moon is transiting is given uttermost significance because of its speed, beauty,chitta(mind) etc. To travel 30 degrees, moon needs only 2 days and 6 hours. While the same distance is covered by Saturn in two and half years. That shows how fast moon is.

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