Why  writers are  usually  poor ( Olden Times ).


A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent or because everything she does is golden. Just as a carpenter chisel wood and make beautiful things out  of it, a writer rearranges alphabets beautifully.A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist,

To become a  writer a strong  3rd House  is  necessary as per Vedic Astrology.  3rd  House  represents  publishing,  writing skills, education, Reading etc.  All  these  qualities  are  sine qua  non  for  a person  to become a writer/ Author.


3rd  House  is  7 houses  away  from the  9th house ( House of luck). We know  7th house  from  any  house is  considered  Maraka  Bhava for  that  Particular Bhava.  Therefore 3rd  House is Maraka Bhava of  9th house of Luck.  Therefore  strong  3rd  House  would  automatically  create  deficiency of  good  luck.( low luck to get money)


Remedial Measures :

  • If  you are writer/author as a hobby or profession, work with reputed publishers only. Develop a strategy for the same.
  • Use Gem of 1st and 3rd lord according to your somanath drekenna chart , It should work wonders for you.
  • Chant “ OM”
  • Practise “Shambavi Mudra “ atleast 5 times a day.
  • Never give free consultations, free advice in writing to any one. You have to charge. Because your luck is low to get money. So Charge money for your service, that way you can create abundance.This is applicable to astrologers also . Astrology is a difficult subject and requires as hard work as one needs to do while attending a medical degree or engineering or law .Even after that one need to do a lot of practice in that field. The writing activity is important for astrologers so does the 3rd house.


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