Who is Villain Girl or Boy in a Relationship?

Depending on the planetary alignments in one’s horoscope, Boy ( or husband) or Girl (or  wife) becomes the Villain in dating/marriage /live in relationship.

  1. If the lords of 5th and 7th houses are in Trine to each other and Mars is in 7th house from the Lagna-Girl is most likely to become the villain and boy will be abandoned by her. But it is not the fault of the Girl because it is due to the planetary configuration in the boy’s chart that he is either exploited/ or abandoned by the Girl
  2. If the lord of the house occupied by Venus is in 6th or 8th from Venus and is in trine from Lagna- the Girl will be abandoned or exploited by the boy. But you cannot blame Boy, because the combination appears in Girl’s chart.  It is an indication that due to some bad karma in earlier birth, she is destined to be exploited or abandoned by him

So what is the solution? If you are destined to take birth and suffer, you will take birth and suffer, you cannot avoid being born. Surrender towards God. Everything is predetermined. But Nothing will happen without God’s Will. Therefore, the emphasis is on the performance of Good Karma now and here.

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