As  we  know   Drekkana  Chart  are  very  useful  in Medical  Astrology  because  sometimes  Rasi Chart  will not  help in  locating  in  a disease  and  to  take  preventive  actions in terms  of  selection of  gems  etc.   Somanatha Drekkana  is  different  from  Parasara Drekkana ( which is usual Drekkana Chart). The Somanatha  Drekkana  Chart is  used  for  seeing  one’s  libido.


Rule 1 : 

The  3rd  and 7th  house  of  Somanath  Drekkana  Chart  represents  Sex initiative  and  desires  of  the  native.  The  12th  houses  from  them  ie  2nd  and  6th  houses  of   Somanath Drekkana  represents  virginity  /bachelor hood and  or  lack of  libido.


Rule  2 :

Benefics in  2nd  and  6th  houses  of  Somanath Drekkana  will  decrease  the  libido  of  the native.


If  we  take  Somanatha  Drekkana  chart  of  Sri  Ramakrishna Pramhamsa,  there  is  benefic  Jupiter  and  Mercury  in  2nd  and  Benefic  Venus  in  6th  house.

Even  though  Sri  Ramakrishna  Paramahamsa  was  married  to Smt Sarada Devi amma,  both  lived  lives  of  unbroken  celibacy.  Sri Ramakrishna regarded  Sarada as the  incarnation of  Devine Mother,addressing her as  Sri Maa ( Holy Mother) and it  was by this name she  was  known  to  his  disciple. But  needless to  say  that  though  the marriage  remained  unconsummated  in  the  physical  plane, during  the occasion  of  shodashi puja  the  Ramakrishna  worshipped  the Devine Mother of  the universe in  the presence of his  wife, at the end of  which the worshipped and the worshipper entered in to deep Samadhi and realized their  spiritual identity.  Thenceforth they became as one soul functioning in two bodies.

Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and his devine consort Sri Sarada devi ( Sri Maa) are worshipped as a God incarnate all over the world.

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