Depression can arise from External factors ( such as finance problems, job or family problems etc). But we can find that people who  have favorable external factors also suffer from depression. Such depression comes from Internal factors ( biological ).

There is also an astro factor in depression. And that is Saturn Moon Syndrome. This is activated more during Moon or Saturn dasa and more suffered by people who are already in to depression by external or internal factors.

When Saturn and Moon are placed together in a watery sign, Saturn -moon syndrome will be very powerful and suggests the tendency of the mind towards gloom, caution,acquisitiveness,restlessness and misgivings.

Astro remedy can be to strengthen moon using its gem stones considering the entire  horoscope/birth chart .

Increase Oxytocin levels in your body is the best way to have happiness and prevent depression. I think there are  no medicine to increase Oxytocin. May be there are medicines to increase Serototin or GABA etc, but not oxytocin. And those medicines for increase in happiness hormones have serious side effects and dependency problems  with withdrawal symptoms. If you got happiness or  encouragement  or good thought  in reading this article , that  means your Oxytocin is activated. Simply share knowledge to others who are in distress and or share kind words,this is very simple way to activate oxytocin



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