Whether you are a Manager, Medical men or Astrologer , the one factor that seemed to transcend all the rest embodies are -PUTTING FIRST THING FIRST-

If you are worried about blood sugar levels, the first thing to come to your mind is not insulin. It should be OXYTOCIN.  This hormone will automatically control insulin and blood sugar levels. For this carving of food should come down. Fasting is sine qua non.

If you having blood pressure issues, the first thing you need to control is breathing. Reduce our breath per minute. If you try to control BP  directly you will reach no where and your doctor will go on increasing medicine. If you dont know how to reduce breathing, just listen to Ur breathe every 1 hour and say thanks to GOD that you are still alive. Slowly you will feel happiness with in.  This will automatically control your BP and Panic attacks.

If you are an Astrologer, first check the persons energy level from his/her body language, word craft ( choice of words that comes from his mouth). Regarding chart, the Key word should be D 60 and Arudha Lagna. ( illusion chart).  Reason because in Kali yuga, it is materialistic world, people come to astrologer for knowing materialistic matters . Materialistic things are Maya ( illusion). So Arudha lagna is important. If the chart shows healthy yoga. But his physical appearance indicates poor health. That has to be counted. Astrology will give 35 % guaranteed readings correct. Some claim up to 80%. Still not 100% . So environmental factors are also to be considered..Every astrologers should go beyond astrology. For this they should compulsory learn Upanishads. At least English version … This will convert astrologers  to dynamic motivated astrologers which will be helpful to suffering people.. I have many astrology friends. But when I speak most of them I am feeling negative energy..just because they always talk about ” Bad Planets” ” Good Planets”… According to vedas ( ancient hindu wisdom).there is no bad and good, because just as birth and death, it is same side of a coin. It is with in us.  SO both good and bad is with in us, every moment. How you choose that bad and good is left to your consciousness. 

If you are a Manager, putting first thing first comes from your discipline. Discipline comes from disciple. -disciple to a philosophy,disciple to a set of principles, disciple to a set of values. In other words, if you are effective manager of yourself, your discipline comes from within, it is a function of your independent will. You are a disciple, a follower of your own deep values and their source.

This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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