A mother is your first friend,                  your best friend, your forever friend


I wanted to write an article on Mother’s day about different objectives that describes my mother . And how to astrologically know your mother.

My mother is currently 70 years of age whether she thinks so or not, I will think she is a beautiful woman. She is diligent. She wakes up 6am sharp in the morning every day. She is very active in Kitchen and make all food and keeps house neat and clean. She is very strong and helps me in my important decision making. She is very supportive , creative and loving. Her hobby is making  beautiful handcrafts.


Various combinations are given in the astrological texts. But it is better to remember and apply general principles.

4th House in the Horoscope represents Mother ( Mathrubhava). The lord of 4th House is also important. The Moon is called significator of mother ( Mathrukaraka) so the position of Moon in the Horosocope is also very important.,

  1. If the lord of 4th house is placed in Kendra or Trikona position in the Horoscope, such  a native will love and take care of his mother.
  2. If the lord of 4th house is placed in 6,8,12 th houses either from lagna or from the lord of lagna, the native will have enemity with the mother.
  3. If the 4th house, lord of 4th house and Moon is strong, the native’s mother will have a very long life.
  4. If the 4th house, lord of 4th house and Moon is weak, the native’s mother will be short lived.


Let us study two horoscopes below to analyse the longevity of Mother .

Horoscope 1 :  Virgo=Lagna, Libra=Mercury,Sun, and Saturn,    Scorpio+ Mars,Venus and Ketu,  Taurus =Rahu, Gemini + Jupiter & Moon.    

Broad Analysis :

  • The  4th house from Lagna is aspected by two natural benefics Jupiter and Moon, so 4th house is strong
  • The lord of 4th house is in the Kendra , so 4th lord is strong.
  • The Mathrukaraka Moon is also in Kendra with benefic Jupiter, so moon is strong,

So the 4th house is Pretty strong, although the saturn aspects the 4th house, which is a slight defect.

The native’s mother had a very long life.


Horoscope 2 :  Taurus = Lagna, Cancer= Sun and Saturn,  Leo= Rahu, Libra= Mars, Scorpio= Moon, Sagittarius= Mars, Aquarius = Ketu, Pisces= Venus

Broad Analysis :

  • The 4th house from Lagna is occupied by malefic Rahu, so 4th house is weak
  • The lord of 4th house sun joins saturn, so the 4th lord is afflicted.
  • The Mathrukaraka Moon is debilitated in scorpio.

The all factors shows the house of mother in the horoscope is weak.

The native lost his mother in his early age,





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This article is Dedicated to my beloved parents Late R Uthamakumar  Shenoi and Ms Premila who have made me what I am today.

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