8TH house rules over death, longevity, sudden events, secret sex, Reincarnation etc.

Remember- Reincarnation doesn’t help you in your next incarnation if you still do not know who you are. Self-Realization can take place only when you are in this Physical body. Let me explain this with an analogy. If you saw an angel and mistook for a stone statue all you would have to do is to adjust your vision and look more closely at the stone-not start looking at somewhere else. You would then find that there never was a stone statue.

8th house lord if in 8th house is  a good Yoga -Saralayoga- but the planet should not be associated with malefic. If 8th lord is in 8th house associated with malefic, it will reduce the longevity of the native.

8th lord should be strong and lagna lord should be stronger than 8th lord to assure very good longevity.

There is a misconception that usually prevails in both scholars and students of Astrology is that lord of 8th house in 6th or 12th will offer Vipareeta Raja yoga. This is very good yoga more auspicious than a straight raja yoga. But this yoga is grossly misunderstood. If lord of 8th is in 6th or 12th, longevity will be restrained. If a person doesnot live who will receive the fruits of Vipareeta Rajayoga. Technically Vipareeta Rajayoga will be formed and will give him riches, but it will not favour longevity.

Consider 3 Planets viz

1) 8th lord

2) Lagna Lord

 3) 11th Lord .

 If these lords are in Kendra or Trine positions or in 11th, assures longevity.

Lord of 10th is lord of Karma. How is it useful in offering longevity to a person ? If a person has a long career ahead of him, should he not be alive in the first place ?

Again Consider 3 Planets viz

1) 8th loird,

2) Lagna Lord

3) 10th Lord

If these lords are not associated with Saturn, assures Longevity.


1)If Lagna Lord and 8th Lord are both in Common Signs or One is Fixed and another in Movable sign, assures Medium life expectancy.

2)If Lagna Lord and 8th Lord are both in Movable Signs or One is Fixed sign and another is in Common sign, Long life is assured –

3)If Lagna Lord and 8th Lord are both in Fixed Signs or One is in Common sign and another is in Movable sign, it gives only Short Life.

Om Namobhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya * Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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